POU: The First Smash


“The most satisfying heroic adventure that promises a super fun time!”

The free-to-play game introduces players to the first part of the Power of Universe (POU) series, which is going to be all about the balance between good and evil.  

In POU: The First Smash, planet Earth is being threatened by mean creatures and lost souls unleashed by the so called “Life Stone” lingering deep inside of the planet. The player will be protecting humans by fighting against the evil demons throughout seven energy nodes, called “Chakras”, located in different regions around the world. These Chakras used to ensure the Earth’s balance but are undergoing a serious deformation, which awakened some of the worst evil forces that have ever lived on the planet. The player has to smash all these ruthless monsters throughout all the Chakras all the while protecting humanity. To be able to do so, the player can use special skills, spells and numerous upgrades.

“Only your finger can save the world in this smashing arcade game”

The first part of the game starts in the State of California in the USA and includes the Golden Gate Bridge and Mount Shasta. Various mythological creatures from all around the world were source of inspiration for the design of some of the game characters.


  • First of its kind game design that based on smash mechanics.
  • All regions representing the real culture of real countries.
  • All enemies are different reproductions of several legends that were filtered by different cultures around the world.
  • Numerous challenging achievements which earn fantastic awards.
  • Upgradable skills and spells like Booming Breeze, Colossal Cluster, Bloody Blizzard, Boom-a-Doom and Terra Strike that makes you more powerful against your enemies.
  • You can buy some shields with your CHI Energy Points which are protecting your aura from enemy attacks while you are fighting
  • Many different regions with different enemies and bosses.
  • Special Survival Mode option with which you can destroy monsters to attain 1st place on the leaderboard!
  • CHI Energy Points that you can collect from monsters to purchase and upgrade skills and spells.... and attain a shield also


  • All chakras include 40 levels.
  • In every level you will clash with a great numbers of enemies.
  • These enemies will be coming from all around the universe to conquer planet earth by killing everyone on it.
  • You are the only hero in this great war who can truly defend the people and save this planet. BOOM! Great news right?
  • You can tap on the creatures during clashes to crush and destroy them or you can use your super hero skills to crush them.
  • When there is too much trouble in the war, you can always deploy some shields by using your CHI Energy Points to set your defence power against those brutal beasts.
  • Also, there will be some bosses as well that you must defeat during the war. You need to tap them before they perform their attacks to damage your aura.
  • Speaking of your aura, you can upgrade it with your CHI Energy Points to set your defence power on a higher level.